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Founded by Neill Kemp E-Bike Adventures started off with offering guided E-Bike tours across the Eastern Cape.

As the company progressed, We began to see a need for the supply of our know how to the E-bike market and also once people tried a E-bike they wanted their own so they would enquire from us about E-bikes and also about Second hand units and so the Technical side off the business started.




Electric pedal-assist mountain bikes or Bicycle that essentially aids in each one of your pedal strokes. Think of it as putting on a pair of professional legs before hitting the trails. There is no throttle, so your only means of forward motion is to pedal (not to be confused with a moped-style motor). Upon taking your first pedal stroke, you're almost guaranteed to be surprised at what this bike actually feels like once
the immediate assist kicks in. The E-bikes level of assist is fully adjustable, you can even turn
it all the way down so that you're back on a standard mountain bike. Just because you can power up hills with seemingly no effort is not to say that you can't get in a great workout on these bikes. They are true mountain bikes at heart, with the added benefit of pedal assist. The bike range is determined by the rider’s fitness level but can ride up to 100km on one charge in Eco mode.


Being one of the first E-mountain bike guides in South Africa, Neill has always had a passion for the great outdoors and mountain biking. He started the company with the idea that he wanted to share these amazing experiences with others and believes that E-bikes opens up the doors for these type of experiences and adventures.


Make an effort and come and see for yourself what this amazing Province of the Eastern cape has to offer!


Coming from A Electrical Engineering background and always having a passion for mountain biking since the 90's we pride ourselves in knowing as much as we can about  E-bikes and all the technical aspects that  go with these amazing machines 

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be fit to use an e-bike?

On the routes that we reccomend you don’t have to be to fit to ride but you are going to get a good work out as this is mountain biking.

What do I need when going on an e-bike adventure?

We would reccommend that when goin out on any off these reccommmened routes that you atleast be two people and make sure you have enough Water and snacks.We can offer you a guide tour(A a hourly rate ) if you not to confident to take these routes on your own.

What about my children?

We are one off the few companies to supply custom E-bikes for kids so check our bike sales page for more info.

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