LOCAL routes

Baakens Valley

Starting and ending in the parking lot of Bridge Street Brewery in the beautiful Brickmakers Kloof, the trail is about 24km long with about 350m of climbing and can take 2-3 hours depending on rider skill. The Baakens Valley is a long and narrow green-space running through the heart of the Port Elizabeth metropolitan area. It stretches from just above the harbour to the western outskirts of the city. The trail runs alongside and crosses the Baakens River, which is about 23 km long and has its source in the Hunters Retreat area, entering the sea through the harbour. The trail also traverses settlers park nature Reseverve . While in Settlers Park, you may see guinea-fowl, peacock, mountain tortoise, leopard tortoise, dassies and mongooses and, if you are lucky, also see grysbok and the beautiful Knysna Lourie. We rate this route as one of the best urban rides in South Africa.
Expect sharp climbs, rutted downhills and heaps of obstacles to test your technical skills to the max. And after the ride there is a ice cold beer waiting at the local breweries in brickmakers kloof.

Technical rating 4/5


The Storms River Village Mountain Biking Route is 25km long with about 500m of climbing and can take from 2-3 hours depending on the experience level of the rider. The route follows the old national road through the Storms River Pass, which was by-passed in 1955 with the building of the Paul Sauer Bridge on the N2 and is now only accessibly by bike or hike. The 5km descent to the river passes through indigenous forest and offers some wonderful views of the gorge. At the Old Storms River Bridge you can swim if you dare the cold black mountain water. After crossing the river the route climbs out of the valley, to the coastal plateau, for a relatively flat section between amazing pine plantations and grass fields to the viewpoint which overlooks the Storms River Mouth. The return route circles back to the Storms River Pass and on into the Village. There are some interesting shops, restaurants and a micro brewery with ice cold beer after a hot day out on the bike.

Technical rating 2/5

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3 Rivers trails(Red Route)

Starting and ending at crossways farm village the trail is 29km long and has 600m of climbing. It has some Tar and gravel road, jeep tracks, and single tracks with some technical Steep downhills and uphill's, Rocks, sand and roots in some areas. Suitable for moderate to advanced riders, the trail offers amazing views of the Longmore plantation and just before one heads back down to the farm village the view from the peak of the mountain is amazing overlooking the garden route coastal area. No cell phone reception in certain area so one has the true feeling of being out in nature. Once down back at the farm village a cold beer or drink is waiting to be enjoyed.

Technical rating 3/5

Beachfront Route

The Port Elizabeth beach front tour is 24km long, flat and non technical. It uses the cycle paths along the beachfront all the way to the Cape Recife Lighthouse and back to Brickmakers Kloof where there are some amazing things to see and explore. The route itself has a lot to offer in the form of amazing views and photo opportunities as you cruise past the harbour and blue flag beaches. This route is for anybody who enjoys the fresh ocean breeze.

Technical rating 1/5

Addo Zuurberg Pass 

The Zuurberg Pass tour can be between 20-30km long with 400-600m of
climbing depending on how long you want to ride. This route is designed for anybody who enjoys amazing views and awesome photo opportunities while being surrounded by nature. This is a non technical route and with a E-bike you will not have to be concerned how fit or strong you are to conquer the pass. Experience this majestic route in a whole different way.

Technical rating 2/5

Hayterdale Trails (Red Route)

This route is about 28km with which 750m includes climbing. It starts at the
bottom of the Zuurberg pass and a great help to have a E-bike to assist you up the 8.5km climb. The assisted climb actually gives you time to enjoy the amazing views that you have over the Sundays river valley / Addo area. As soon as you have made it to the top you take a left turn into a world class single track that starts taking you down back to where you started. This route does require some mountain bike experience as parts of the single track down is steep with loose stones and sand. Being isolated in the mountains it is recommended to take a cooler with some cold drinks and snacks for after the ride .

Technical rating 4/5