Service and spares



We can collect your bike from your home. We service all makes and model E-bikes and believe that we are one off the leading companies in SA when it comes to E-bikes servicing and knowledge About these awesome Machines.


e-BIKe Motor Repair and  SERVICING


Motor sound rough or make strange noises or not working at all.Give us a call and we will see if we can help you get your E-bike running in top condition.We can work on most E-bike motors out their and believe that replacing is a last resort.



Battery Giving you trouble give us a call and we will see if we can help. These unit are complex and can sometimes be repaired but sometimes not so we can't always promise that we can fix it but we have had some success.


e-BIKe Range Extenders

We Know for a fact that everybody loves spending time on their E-bikes and we also know that range anxiety is real. So  we offer a few different range extenders that can Increase your range on your E-bike By up to 50% so give us a Call to find out more.


Contact us for your  next adventure, SERVICE OR ADVICE 

082 310 4480


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